Setting Up Your Professional Email

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Even though your new professional email may look like Gmail, it's not. Everything is branded for your business and the fact that you're using Gmail as the application is completely transparent to those you're sending emails to.

Signing into your new email is just like signing in to a Gmail account except you'll use your fully brand email address as your username.

There are two ways you can access your professional email from G Suite. There's the traditional way which you may be used to from Gmail, Outlook, and other email providers. There's also a method that helps you keep a clean inbox by having zero emails sitting in it. That's called inbox zero.

You can learn more about the two methods of accessing your new branded email address. Each method of accessing your email is available on mobile devices and computers using almost any browser.

Use Your Business Email On A Computer


Google Inbox

Use Your Business Email On A Mobile Device


You must download the Gmail app on your phone and set it up first. Once you set up the Gmail app on your phone you'll get alerts and be able to use your email from anywhere.

There's a link to the app in the setup section.

Google Inbox

You must download the Google Inbox app on your phone and set it up first. Once you set up the Google Inbox app on your phone you'll get alerts and be able to use your email from anywhere.

There's a link to the app in the setup section.

Gmail Setup Instructions

You can set up Gmail on either iOS or Android devices. Both the applications look the same and function very similarly.

Step 1

Download The App

Before you can do anything you will need to download the app for your device. There's no installation process or anything, just simply download it and it'll install also.

If you have this page open on your device then tap the right store icon below and it'll go right to the Gmail app download page on the respective store.

Step 2

Set Up The App

No matter which app you download, there's an easy setup process that will walk you through everything.

The following instructions are specifically for iOS but they should be very similar on Android also.

When you open the app you'll be at the sign in screen.


You'll have to agree to let the Gmail app use the Google sign in.

Tap Continue.

Gmail Setup Step 1 Sign In Screen
Gmail Setup Step 2 Allow Google Sign In

To sign into your new professional email you have to use your full business email address including the domain.

Type your email address including the

You should have changed your password from what we provided you.

Type your business email password.

Gmail Setup Step 3 Google Sign In
Gmail Setup Step 4 Google Password

Now you can dismiss the welcome splash screen by tapping GOT IT.

Now it's time to personalize a few important things for your Gmail app.

Gmail Setup Step 5 Welcome Screen
Step 3

Personalize Your Email

This section shows you two of the most important personalizations you can make in the Gmail app; mobile signature and notifications. There are also other settings you can test out to make Gmail work better for you.

Tap on the menu icon to open the menu drawer.

Tap on Settings inside the menu drawer.

Gmail Setup Step 6 Email Inbox
Gmail Setup Step 7 Settings

Tap on your email address to open the settings options for that account.

Tap Signature settings from the General section.

Gmail Setup Step 8 Settings
Gmail Setup Step 9 Settings

Tap the toggle icon to turn on the mobile signature.

Type your signature and use it as an opportunity to show something special.

Tap the back button (<) when you're done with your signature.

Tap Notifications to configure notifications.

Gmail Setup Step 10 Enable Mobile Signature
Gmail Setup Step 11 Settings

Make sure All new mail notifications is turned on.

You may need to turn on notifications in your phone settings in iOS also.

Gmail Setup Step 12 Notifications

Mess around with some of the settings also to set the Gmail app how you like it.

You can change lots of different items such as:

  • Message preference
  • Vacation responder
  • Default apps
  • etc.

Google Inbox Setup Instructions

Thes instructions are coming soon...

The Difference Between Traditional Email & Inbox Zero

You have tow different options for how you access your professional branded G Suite account.

Traditional Email

Traditional email lists your email messages in the order they were received. Replies are threaded together into one group. There are a few groups in Google Gmail but they act like folders.

Google Gmail Inbox Android

Inbox Zero

Inbox zero is a strategy for keeping your inbox at zero messages. Google has a special app for you if this is an email strategy you like. Google Inbox ties into your Gmail email but organizes it in a very different way.

The basis of inbox zero means that you take care of or delegate every email that comes into your inbox as it comes in or as soon as possible. Google Inbox gives you a few different options for taking care of emails. You can:

  • Sleep an email so it goes away until a given date.
  • Sleep an email until you arrive at a specific location.
  • Pin an email if you need to keep it in your inbox to take care of it asap.
  • Delete an email if it's unimportant.
  • Bundle an email together with others so it's easier to quickly scan a group of email.
  • Mark an email as done after you've taken care of it.

You can also mark entire groups of emails as done with the tap of a button. If an email is important in a group and you've pinned it, that will be the only email that isn't marked as done.

As you can see this is a very different way of organizing and dealing with emails. It's also a very effective way of quickly getting rid of unimportant emails so you can take care of the important ones.

Google Inbox Inbox Android

Below are grouped emails that are easy to tap on and open that group. Any email related to a trip you're taking will be under one group with a card of important information for your trip.

There are many ways Google Inbox organizes important information into a summarized card.

Google Inbox Grouped Emails Android
Last Updated On April 24, 2018