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How To Create New Content For Your Website

You have many different options to publish content on your custom affordable website with Your Local Business Online. Depending on the website type you purchased you can add different content types.

Every website has the ability to publish a page or a post. If you have an eCommerce store then you're also able to publish a product. There are other content types for your website but these are the main one's you will create regularly. If you have a regular website and would like to upgrade your website to an eCommerce store we'd be happy to accomodate your request. Please contact us for a custom quote (it's reasonable).

Choose the type of content you'd like to add to your website for step-by-step-instructions how to do it. If you ever get stuck you can always use the chat feature to ask for help.


Create a new page for your website for evergreen content. Pages are good for one-off content pages that should not be dated in any way.

Post (coming soon)

Create a new post that will show up at the top of your blog feed. Posts are good for dated content that is time-bound. Readers of your blog will see newer posts first and older posts will be pushed down as new posts are published.

Product (coming soon)

If you have an eCommerce store you will also be able to publish products. This is good for selling a phsical or digital product as a single item or a variation.

Last Updated On October 04, 2018