Acquire Authentic Reviews

with Review Reach

Getting authentic reviews for your business on review website has never been easier. Our simple feedback system makes it easy to request feedback from customers and turn good feedback into good reviews.

You'll acquire authentic reviews from your current customers with a simple survey that sends the good feedback to a review website of your choice. If the feedback is bad then your customer can tell you what went wrong so you can improve in the future.

Not only will you get more good reviews on public review directories, any potential public bad reviews can be taken care of before they harm your reputation.

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

- BrightLocal Survey

Review Reach helps you acquire more authentic reviews online.

How Review Reach Works

Step 1

Request Participation

After you work with a customer, ask them if you could send them a short feedback survey to their phone or email. You can also give them a custom card with your review website.

Step 2

Send Feedback Request

Input your customer's information into your dashboard to send them the feedback link to their email or phone.

Step 3

Receive Feedback

Your customer will be asked if they had a good experience (thumbs up) or a bad experience (thumbs down). If it was good then they are asked to leave a review on the directory website of your choice. If it was a bad experience then they will be shown a form to tell you why.

Step 4


Whether you receive a good review or not, you'll get valuable feedback. The good reviews will help boost your business online. A bad experience will mean you averted a public negative review and have the opportunity to improve.

Turn Good Feedback Into Good Reviews

Review Reach can turn your good feedback into reviews for any of the following local business review websites.

Google Business
Yellow Page

and up to 158 more directories! You can even connect to any other custom website you'd like.

All Plans

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A single dashboard to manage your reviews on nearly 200 directories.


Get notified of new reviews immediately so you can respond quickly.


See an overview of all your reviews on every directory website.

And Tons More Features!

You don't have to sign up for a website to sign up to Review Reach. You can also add as many locations as you'd like.

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