Website Extras

You can add extras onto your account while you're ordering your website. You can also purchase the directory manager at any time from this page.

Acquire Authentic Reviews

Start acquiring more authentic review for your business on local business directories. Review Reach makes it easy to request feedback from your customers and turn that into good reviews for everyone to see.

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Business Listings Manager

Choose from 3 plans to make it easier to manage your local business listing in hundreds of local business listings websites and maps from one place. You get one management dashboard that lets you update all your business information everywhere on the internet.

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Logo Design

We'll design you a logo for your new website that you'll love. You'll receive an amazing logo that we'll use for your website. We'll also give you all the file formats you need so you can use your logo for other branding efforts.

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Professional Email & More

We'll get you set up with an email address on your domain using Google's G Suite service. We'll take care of all the back-end setup so you'll just have to log in to your computer or install the app on your phone. Additional monthly charges from Google will apply ($5/month/user).

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Search Engine Optimization

Your website comes with the framework needed to optimize your website for search easily. Sometimes you don't want to have to do that though. Our SEO extra provides you all the necessary on-page search engine optimization work for your website so you have a better chance of being found in search engines. We'll even set your website up in Google & Bing so you get ranked faster and have better tracking. It's a great way to perfect the affordable web design process with optimization for search engines too.

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Directory Listing

When your website is complete and ready for visitors, we'll submit your website to 30 web directories. This ensures your website will get a few backlinks. Backlinks are the main ranking factor for websites and web directories still play an important role for new websites. They are valuable for getting started in ranking better in search engines.

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Custom Blog Pages

If you decide a blog is a right fit for your business then you can easily make that happen. Every website comes with a blog that you can easily start up but the layout is standard. If you want to create a wow factor with your blog then we will customize all the pages of your blog so they look unique to your business.

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Add More Website Pages

Not every website fits nicely into the number of pages either of our plans includes. If you need more pages you can easily add them on when you check out. Not only that but we can add more pages onto your plan at any time if you'd like us to create more for you. You can add more websites in a pack of 5, 10, 15, or 20.

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